Off for A Run, Lift, Abs

Welcome back. You belong here.

Had a great time talking with my wife this morning, catching up on our week, how we’re doing, etc. Good conversation. The little ones were watching Dora. Thankful for Saturday morning cartoons.

I’m off for a run now, even in the cold/rain, it should be invigorating. Then legs/arms/abs.

Yesterday I sang at a funeral for one of our pastor’s father in law, very emotional time. My abuelita (2nd mother, gramma) is buried in the same cemetery. Didn’t go see her, it wasn’t the right time. But I will go back soon.

After I sang, someone said, “you’ve been given a gift…” Someone else answered, “and he uses it for God’s glory…” That was nice. Then I saw a quartet on TBN last night and I thought, “maybe I can go around singing in churches till I’m old…if they can do it, why not me?” I was laughing! I don’t think I’m supposed to do that.

I’ve been reading Psalm 119 all week, about God’s Law and obeying His Word. That psalm is very looong, but so focused on one thing – Obey God’s Word.

Yesterday I verbalized my focus for the next few years to a friend in a very clear matter. I was proud of myself, I thought, “see, I can make sense once in a while.” I also snapped at a lady at the preschool. She said, “you seem like you’ve lost a lot of weight…do you work out or you just don’t like your wife’s cooking??” I snapped! What I SHOULD have said was, “Yeah, I enjoy working out…” Done. Instead, I went off on my routine, how long it’s taken, the sacrifices, the early mornings, the strict eating and workout plan….wow!! Way over the top. Sorry lady! I hope she talks to me again next week. Funny.

Today is Saturday. My priorities are – Lift and run, go to Home Depot with little David to get some light bulbs, spend time with my wife, wash the dishes, help her out. Finish some loops for a song I’m writing called “I See You.” Normal stuff, I love it.

Tomorrow, I get a chance to change the world, work with young artists, practice some Mute Math and Crowder tunes. Actually, every day I get a chance to change the world. Better go.

Have a great day,

Into the future,


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