Worship–What We’ve Learned

Welcome back. You belong here.

If you have the time, listen to “The Last Thirty Years: What We’ve Learned Along the Way” as part of the Worship Institute, with Brian McLaren, Nancy Beach (Willow Creek), Eugene Petersen (“The Message”) and others gathered to examine worship (in North American Christianity).

Worship themes covered were:
1. Cultural Insights
2. Theological Insights
3. The Next 30 Years

Morning: Introducing the Topic and Each Other

• How has worship changed:
a) for your congregation and denomination?
b) for congregations nationally and ecumenically?

• How has our North American cultural context provided the habitat for this change?
-How has worship changed to embrace dynamics of culture?
-How has worship changed to resist dynamics of culture?

Afternoon: Theological Insight and the Way Forward

Theological Insights:

What have we learned about biblical worship that we didn’t see as clearly 30 years ago? What aspects of God’s character have been re-emphasized in worship practices?

What aspects of biblical vision for worship have been obscured or grown more opaque? What aspects of God’s character have been de-emphasized in worship practices?

As we prepare for the next 30 years:

• What virtues and attitudes are especially crucial?
• What theological convictions would you stress?
• What countercultural or crosscultural insight or habit of mind or heart would you stress?
• What resources (books, websites) would you recommend?

“Aymer said that while he sometimes tells his students, “you all conduct worship as if worship started last week,” overall, meaningful and historically faithful liturgical renewal has taken place in the last three decades.”

Have a great day.

Into the future,


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