Música de Protesta

Welcome back. You belong here.

Pancasán was a “música de la revolución” (music of the revolution) band that got heavy play on the radio in Nicaragua during the Sandinista Revolution of the 80’s. I remember listening to them as a young boy, I still have a few of their CD’s. The music is passionate, real, filled with stories of suffering land workers (“campesinos”), telling the story of Augusto C. Sandino, Somoza and the yanki invasions through the years.

I was listening to a few of their tracks while lifting earlier today. The stuff makes me feel alive and even though in some ways its just propaganda, it reminds me of the suffering my people have been through and in many ways of the story I carry with me. I came to this country as a result of the Sandinista Revolution, so this music hits close to home.

Some of my favorites songs are:

1. “Trabajadores Al Poder” – workers take the power
2. “La Hora Cero” – ground zero/zero hour
3. “Son Estas Mismas Manos” – it is these very hands
4. “Toma La Tierra” – take the land

* * *

I was talking to my uncle yesterday (now in his late 40’s) who left as a young teenager because of the early signs of war and he told me he sometimes hates our country because it did nothing for him. It forced him to leave his dreams behind, his people, his culture, his family. His dream was to become a pediatrician and one day help children in poverty. I was moved.

In some ways I feel the same way, but also thankful. If not for the war, I would not have had the opportunities I’ve had here in education, socially, etc. War messes with your emotions, your mind, heart, it changes your future for better or for worse. For me it was for better, but I carry the scars of separation and loss which in some ways only make me stronger.

The image at the top of my blog (Statue of “Miskito Indian” in the middle of the street in front of the central park in Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua where my father grew up), reminds me of my background, providing for my family, fighting for survival, being strong, a provider, a suffering but courageous man committed to his family, his land and his people.

These things bring me life, context, connection and passion.

Have a great day.

Into the future,


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