Halloween is Not Over

Welcome back. You belong here.

I will get into the details more later, but after spending the last few days with Long Beach church planters, pastors and their families, as well as events in my own life the last few days, I feel that Satan and his demons are attacking the church of Jesus Christ in Long Beach in a pretty deliberate way.

Car accidents, illness, death, issues with children, discouragement, stress, illness, arguments, team member issues, financial stress. These things always seem to happen, but I notice a swell, a spike in these things among church leaders, especially the last few days.

I wonder if Halloween has anything to do with this?

I know it always feels like Satan is attacking, but I wonder if perhaps witches or demonic prayers during Halloween aren’t still causing problems in the spirit. Halloween is not over. My wife and I have been praying the blood of Jesus, Eph 5 and 6 over our children, our marriage, our friends the last few days.

If you’re in Long Beach or even if you’re not, I wonder if you relate to any of this in your own lives lately.

Into the future,


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