Ethnic Diversity Within the Church That Is Emerging

Welcome back. You belong here.

First and foremost, thanks to Rudy Carrasco and his recent Emergent/C article (also posted at the Emergent-us blog) called “Ethnic Diversity Within the Church That Is Emerging” where Rudy mentions this blog.

If you’re here as Rudy’s and or Emergent/C’s special guest, welcome.

I’m the executive worship arts pastor at Bethany Church in Long Beach, CA. I was born in Managua, Nicaragua and have a passion for my wife, our three children, creativity, exercise, the worship arts, equipping worship leaders and developing Kingdom-missional relationships in Long Beach, our region and the world.

In his article Rudy writes, “I get asked a lot about whether the emerging church discussion is just something for white guys with two books under the arm and a budget to travel around to conferences. The answer is no.” I agree, and although the Emergent conversation is largely a white phenomena at the mainstream, YS conference level, the Emergent values of mission, adoracion (worship), Kingdom and familia (community), are intrinsic to the Latino culture.

How can Latinos and other ethnic leaders aid the Emergent conversation?

First, let’s get to know each other, go through the list of blogs Rudy mentions in his article and get a feeling for what we’re all doing. Second, give Rudy anything he wants and support Harambee. Rudy is our model and leader, whatever he says we listen to. Lastly, let’s develop global forums for conversation and relationship. The Emergent conversation needs to continue at a global scale. We need each other, we need to hear our brothers and sisters in Central and South America, Europe and Asia, Africa and beyond and learn from each other.

And pray for our city Long Beach and church. Long Beach has 500,000 people, 40% Latino, 25% young adults, with 3% interested in God. We have a homosexual district council member and a spiritual darkness over our downtown area that only the Spirit of God can break. We are artists, entrepreneurs and students, we are poor and urban, suburban and middle class. We are a sending place, a port and internationl city. We are Long Beach. Pray for our church as we move towards becoming a more missional church.

Thanks for visiting.

Into the future,


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