Change With the Holidays

Welcome back. You belong here.

Weightraining is about modifications and consistency. As November, December and January enter our lives and the holiday season nears, it is important to recognize that your body will go through some natural slowing down during these next three months but to be consistent. They key is to not wait until February to look at your body with the extra 10lbs and say, “hey! I better get back to the gym…” Don’t wait till then, do something now.

My Fall routine is as follows, followed by my Winter routine: (from experience from lifting since Sept 2003)

Fall Workout Routine
Weightraining – 3x-4x/week
Aerobic (treadmill, 25mns) – 5x/week
Abs, every day
Rest – 1-2 days/week

Winter Workout Routine
Weightraining – 3x/week
Aerobic (treadmill, 15-20mns) – 4x/week
Abs, every other day
Rest – 2-3 days/week

The eating plan continues to be the same:
8am – oatmeal, whey protein (50g), water
10am – powerbar, water, apple
12n – tuna, hard boiled egg, string cheese, low fat chips, water
3pm – powerbar, water, apple
6pm – chicken, rice, veggetables (or salmon), water
9pm – protein drink (strawberries, non fat milk, banana, peanut butter, ice)

Thanksgiving? Turkey is great, but go easy on the rolls, stuffing, etc.
Holiday baking? None for me. I really don’t miss it.
Ham? Small portions.
Grandmother’s famous pumpkin pie with ice cream? Pass me my protein smoothie.


It may not look like much of a change, but the option is to take the winter off, not lift, not run, eat and sit on the couch, watch the game and take a nap. Repeat daily. Not for us ‘bombers’ as Dave Draper says.

Don’t give up bombers. Stay the course, keep training, START training now. When February comes, you’ll be glad you did. Do it for your health, for your children, for your country. Your body will thank you, your mind and your clothes will thank you…. ; )

Into the future,


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