Sometimes You’re Just Not Writing

Welcome back. You are welcomed here.

Sometimes the blog writing ‘gene’ just isn’t there. You know what I’m talking about. This is such a time. Not much to say.

In terms of song writing, I’m not writing much either, instead I’m learning new melodies. I don’t want to write more songs in the same way I’ve been writing them, with the same sound and melodic structure I’ve been doing. So I’m listening to Sting, Coldplay (of course), John Mayer and others just analyzing beautiful melodies such as “Sacred Love”, “Come Back to Bed”, “You Should Be Dancing”, “Message” and others.

I’m looking at their intervals, where they start in the scale, chord progressions, analyzing what makes these songs sound so beautiful. I got the idea from Mute Math, when asked how they make music.

Someone told me today, “I’m glad someone’s doing that….” I guess I am.

Into the future,


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