From Doing to Serving

Welcome back. You belong here.

Today, I switched from doing a ministry at the church, to leading leaders that will carry it on.

I’ve done this other times, so you’d think I’d realize it on the spot, but today it caught me by surprise. At our Artist Catalyst meeting (leaders in the Arts), I thought I needed to do most of the work in a certain area of our Arts ministry. I had invited two leaders to come join the group thinking they would want to help some, but I quickly realized that they were ready to own this thing!

So on my way home, I prayed, asked the Lord for His advice, listened to His Spirit, questioned some of my feelings that weren’t right (the Spirit often does this!) and called them and said, this is yours, run with it.

These two leaders have been serving faithfully in the Arts and now they’re ready to fly. I will still be there for them but in a different way which actually I am best at, that of visionary, servant, encourager and equipper. And they get to do what they do best and together we get to see the Body grow and be equipped and see Artists lives be changed for eternity. Wow.

It’s tough to grow as a leader and make decisions when least expected, but when people feel your support and feel you believe in them (artists especially need this), it’s a beautiful thing.

UDPATE: Speaking of leadership, did you see the report last night on the Dream Center housing over 200 Katrina evacuees? Matthew Barnette is my hero. I was just at the Dream Center two Sundays ago and I am even more impressed now. The report said that there is a Dream Center in a city near New Orleans and one thing led to another. Amazing leadership Matthew, good job!

They’re in need of 200 volunteers to sort and organize donations, lift heavy boxes, answer phones, sort clothes. I’m going next week and taking a group with me. I don’t want to just sit around, I want to do something.

Into the future,


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